Firmware Downloads (HeliOS: Spark, SunSpot, SkyFire, Gateway)

Firmware Downloads (HeliOS: Spark, SunSpot, SkyFire, Gateway)

Supported Models

The firmware on this page applies to the following Wi-Fi product models:

SunSpot AC1200 /  N300
Spark AC750
SkyFire AC1200 / AC866
Gateway AC1200

Release v1.4.2

March 13,2020

1.4.2 Donwnloads

1.4.2 Change Log

  1. Fixed Random Reboot issue
  2. Fixed IP Aliases Number issue 
  3. Fixed when updating the Firewall Rule and cause error for VLAN settings
  4. Update the wording when the cloud is going to manage the AP. 
  5. Adding alert message when there is no VAP being created. 
  6. Adding notification message for firmware upgrade and for backup
  7. Updated the channel list for Taiwan.

Release v1.4.0

June 3, 2019


1.4.0 Change Log

  • Stability Fixes
  • Added PPPoE over multiple VLAN's
  • Fixed Traffic isolation between VAP's
  • Fixed rare cloud communication issues
  • Fixed association issue

Release v1.3.2 SR2

April 12, 2019

SR1 1.3.2 Downloads

Download Gateway AC1200 v1.3.2-SR2 Firmware
Download Spark AC750 v1.3.2-SR2 Firmware

1.3.2 SR2 Change Log

  • Fixed excessive rebooting issues on the GW AC1200
  • Fixed bug fetching channel lists/freqs for the TW country code
  • Lowered DFS scan time for the JP country code 

Release v1.3.1 SR1

December 18, 2018

SR1 1.3.1 Downloads

Download SunSpot v1.3.1-SR1 Firmware
Download Gateway AC1200 v1.3.1-SR1 Firmware
Download Spark v1.3.1-SR1 Firmware
Download SkyFire v1.3.1-SR1 Firmware

1.3.1 SR1 Change Log

  • Updated 5GHz channel lists and TX power limits for JP (Japan) country code. 
  • Added 40MHz Bandwidth to 2.4GHz radio for ID (Indonesia) country code. 
  • Fixed smart isolation to isolate inter-radios' clients.
  • Fixed issue where driver may incorrectly initialize nodes and cause a deadlock when adding or deleting authenticated clients. 
  • Reworked customized hotspot logo resolution.

Release v1.3.0 Beta1

October 22, 2018

1.3.0 Beta1 Downloads

1.3.0 Beta1 Change Log

  • Added Auto-WDS support.
  • Added channel list selection support.
  • Added VLAN tagged internet source support.
  • Added DAE for RADIUS MAC auth support.
  • Added DFS channel availability check notification.
  • Added band steering support.
  • Reworked wireless statistics collection methods.
  • Fixed radio channel utilization calculation.
  • Updated WR channel ranks to be avoided in ACS
  • Fixed OOMs on Spark/SunSpot under stress conditions.
  • Fixed watchdog reset during assoc/disassoc flood.
  • Fixed kernel crashes during radio recovery.
  • Fixed GW-AC1200 firmware upgrade issues.
  • Fixed wifi clients hostname/IP address retrieval.
Known issues
  • Low multicast throughput on SP-AC750
  • Inaccurate statistical data reporting to Cloud

Release v1.2.4 SR4

SR4 1.2.4 Downloads

SR4 1.2.4 Change Log

Sept 27, 2018
  • Improved device (de)registration to/from cloud handling.
  • Updated clients info caching methods.
  • Fixed interface state reporting in statistics.
  • Updated client probe caching method.
  • Improved periodic task scheduling and execution.
  • Fixed service watchdog process duplication.

SR3 1.2.3 Downloads

<downloads removed, please use latest firmware>

SR3 1.2.3 Change Log

Sept 13, 2018
  • Fixed a network config migration from 1.1.X FW versions.
  • Fixed periodic services lockup, causing stats refresh problems.

SR2 1.2.2 Downloads

<downloads removed, please use latest firmware>

SR2 1.2.2 Change Log

August 27, 2018
  • Fixed an issue where in rare cases, a troubleshooting file task initiated from the Cloud would cause the device to go offline.
  • Updated the channel list regulations for the TW country code.
  • Added improvements for wireless driver debugging.

SR1 1.2.1 Downloads

<downloads removed, please use latest firmware>

SR1 1.2.1 Change Log

August 10, 2018
  • Fixed Spark AC750 reset button function.
  • Fixed cloud connection issues caused by disabling a VAP
  • Fixed assoc timestamp statistics, causing wrong client connection dates in the cloud.
  • Fixed incorrectly reported radio statistics.
  • Updated probe request push interval to 15 seconds.

Final 1.2.0r1924 Change Log

July 27, 2018
  • Fixed system logging related crashed on client disassoc.
  • Improved kernel panic handling to avoid deadlocks.
  • Fixed wireless driver events mangling.
  • Add Tx queue stopping, causing OOM on packet flood.
  • Updated client record locking, avoiding races in driver.
  • Added FS020U LTE dongle support.
  • Fixed SSID configuration, causing invalid "ghost" SSIDs when SSIDs contain spaces.
  • Update troubleshooting information collection.
  • Statistics reporting to Cloud fixes and improvements.
  • Improved IP addresses validation in GUI.
  • Fixed wifi scheduler excessive radio reload.
  • Fixed max TxPower limitation in GUI.
  • Improved clients accounting resulting in crash on certain devices.
Known issues
  • No wifi bandsteering support.
  • No WDS support.
  • This firmware was disabled due to an issue where disabled SSIDs would cause the device to disconnect from the cloud.

Beta3 Downloads

<downloads removed, please use latest firmware>

Beta3 Change Log

June 5, 2018
  • Fixed GW-AC1200 ethernet port 3 LED indicators
  • Fixed channel utilization and Tx/Rx time computation
  • Fixed default configuration setup on SP-N300 and SS-N300 products
  • Fixed hotspot startup without RADIUS server enabled
  • System crash fix with 16 SSIDs configured
  • Fixed SunSpot Cloud LED configuration control
  • Fixed wireless statistics reporting to Cloud
  • Updated max clients limit configuration
  • Removed GUI AMPDU configuration
  • Added GUI hotspot Walled Garden validation
  • Fixed GUI IP addresses validation
  • Added GUI redirect when device changes IP
Known issues
  • In some cases only applicable to Cloud-managed devices that inherit site-level settings, upgrading to a 1.2.0 beta firmware will cause a config override to be created for the max client count setting for your device's wireless VAPs.  A workaround to fix this issue will be added to the Cloud on Wednesday July 4, 2018.
  • No wifi bandsteering support.
  • No WDS support.
  • GW-AC1200 client mode RF silence after remote disassoc.
  • GW-AC1200 system panic on rapid assoc/disassoc for long time periods
  • Channel Tx/Rx utilization on WiFi bursts reports spurious values.

Beta2 Downloads

<downloads removed, please use latest firmware>

Beta2 Change Log

April 30, 2018
  • Fixed client mode connectivity issues.
  • Fixed RADIUS TX/RX stats on accounting stop event.
  • Fixed hotspot login redirect issues.
  • Added "Smart Isolation" strict internet access mode.
  • Fixed firewall configuration for the PPPoE interface.
  • Fixed wireless statistics during DFS CAC period.
  • Added Cloud connectivity and statistics fixes.
  • Fixed client probe request startup.
  • Fixed SNMP statistics.
Known issues
  • No wifi bandsteering support.
  • No WDS support.
  • GW-AC1200 system panic on rapid assoc/disassoc for long time periods
  • GW-AC1200 client mode RF silence after remote disassoc.

Beta1 Downloads

<downloads removed, please use latest firmware>

Beta1 Change Log

April 16, 2018
  • Improved TxPower control for SunSpot/SkyFire products.
  • Added Huawei E3372 LTE dongle support.
  • Fixed DHCP IP addresses assignment on management VLAN interface.
  • Patched "Client" mode assoc/disassoc race condition.
  • Fixed accounting interim interval configuration.
  • Fixed wireless group rekey when TKIP+CCMP security used (causing some clients to loose their link).
  • Fixed firewall configuration races (causing various connectivity issues on config reload).
  • Fixed dnsmasq configuration races (causing DHCP server to not always start in rare cases).
  • Improved throughput 
Known issues
  • No client probe push support.
  • No wifi bandsteering support.
  • No WDS support.
  • GW-AC1200 system panic on rapid assoc/disassoc for long time periods
  • EAP accounting missing data traffic in stop packet.

Release v1.1.5 SR 5

Nov 20, 2017


Change Log

  • Added Scheduled Wifi support (this feature is configurable through the IgniteNet Cloud)
  • Added support for the Family Zone Cyber Safety add-on (this feature is configurable through the IgniteNet Cloud)
  • Added backup RADIUS server support for wireless client EAP authentication
  • Fixed some client session reporting bugs
  • Improved IP address detection
  • Fixed an issue where the default gateway was missing when changing certain networking settings when using WDS Client mode
  • Fixed an issue where only one PPTP session could be opened when choosing the "Route to internet" network behavior
  • Fixed an issue where clients could hang after associating to a different radio on the same AP
  • Fixed some bugs related to 5 GHz autochannel selection
  • Fixed an issue where the 5 Ghz radio might not recover after a DFS event
  • Allow multicast traffic to pass between the AP and its bridged clients
  • Updated the management agent to report the management VLAN DHCP-assigned IP to the Cloud
  • Added additional alert support to the management agent: 1) Alert when customization files (such as logo, terms and condition) for the local hotspot splash page are out of sync; 2) Alert when the device fails to play a media stream, 3) Alerts for task failures for longer-running tasks, such as required software package installation for add-ons
  • Fixed some small web configuration UI validation related bugs
Service Release 1 (v1.1.5r14672):
  • Fixed some bugs related to hostapd/auto-channel failures
  • Restored RPS capability for GW-AC1200
  • Feature: Added network/IP flows logging to the services page of the UI (and in the cloud)
Service Release 2 (v1.1.5r14805):
  • Added support to change the RADIUS Interim Update Timeout to the wireless settings
  • Added support for DFS alerts (reported to the Cloud)
  • Fixed an issue where an AP's WAN IP address didn't show up on the cloud when Management VLAN was enabled
  • Adjusted DFS channel selection behavior
  • Added initial support for
  • Added an initial fix for decreased throughput due to mixed 11ac and 11n clients
Service Release 3 (v1.1.5r14835) :
  • Fixed incorrect wireless interface MAC address reporting issue for devices operating in Client mode
  • Fixed a sysupgrade bug introduced in 1.1.5 SR3 Beta
  • Fixed routing of management VLAN packets
  • Fixed hotspot configuration, causing premature service restart
  • Fixed ContentShield configuration problems resulting in wrong WEB page redirection
  • Fixed small hotspot whitelist management issue, which resulted in mobile devices not showing the "Sign in to the hotspot" page automatically
Service Release 4 (v1.1.5r14840) :
  • Patched KRACK vulnerabilities
Service Release 5 (v1.1.5r14916) :
  • Fixed an issue with the management agent that caused it to become stuck in rare cases while reading the system status.  This bug would cause the device to show up as offline on the Cloud, but still appear to be operating normally from the local web UI.

Release v1.1.4

Feb 10, 2017


Important Notes

NOTE: Keeping configuration after a downgrade from 1.1.4 to 1.1.3 or lower is not supported!

If you need to downgrade, make sure to select "No" for the "Keep current settings after upgrade" option on the upgrade firmware dialog.

Change Log

New Features:
  • Added additional captive portal options. Read more on the blog .
  • Added support for Management VLAN
  • Added support for VLAN passthrough
  • Added a new wireless setting: "block multicast forwarding"
  • Added a new wireless setting for SSIDs that are hotspot-controlled: "walled garden per SSID"
  • Added Media streaming/alarms support
  • Added 3G/LGE Dongle support
Bug Fixes/Enhancements:
  • Fixed some DFS-related issues that affected some non-US regulatory regions.
  • Fixed some tx power related bugs that may have affected a select group of SkyFires, SunSpots, and Sparks
  • Fixed bug where changing MTU wasn't taking affect in all cases
  • Optimized hotspot traffic tunnel performance
  • Other small UI validation bugs were fixed
Service Release 1 (v1.1.4r14215):
  • Fixed a bug where the ap_mac field of the client probe request data message was empty. (MR1-Feb 23)

Release v1.1.3

August 24, 2016


Change Log 

  • Major client WDS stability improvements
  • Added client OS detection
  • Added audio streaming support for Sparks and Sunspots (configurable from the Cloud)
  • The troubleshooting file collection procedure was updated to remove passwords and keys from the configuration
  • Added client probe request data push settings [aka Presence API] (configurable from the cloud)
  • Fixed WPA-EAP Radius MAC Auth UI issues
  • Exposed remote syslog settings on the System page
  • Fixed a radsec-related issue where the secondary RADIUS server was not being used when the first was unavailable
  • Telnet and SSH access are now disabled from over the WAN by default
  • Minor regulatory power changes for India and Japan
  • Added some additional hotspot/coovachilli-related settings (default landing page, swap octets, etc)
  • Cloud agent: added certificate validation
  • Cloud agent: improved configuration versioning
  • Cloud agent: added ability to connect to the Cloud's XMPP servers on port 443 in addition to the standard 5222 port
  • Other misc bug fixes and improvements

Release v1.1.2

April 7, 2016


Change log

  • Network IP range conflict detection and resolution
  • Added Dynamic VLAN support
  • Complete device UI redesign
  • Added Radius MAC Authentication support
  • Exposed firewall and port forwarding rules
  • Added radsec support to hotspot (coova chilli)
  • Added support for ContentShield
  • Added max STA limit to wireless settings
  • improved client session handling in the cloud mgmt agent
  • 5 Ghz power levels were lower than they should have been on Spark/Sunspot for some countries
  • Bandsteering improvements
  • Fixed some stats overflow bugs which caused spikes in client data and utilization > 100% on the cloud
  • New LED colors for stand alone mode
  • Improved client WDS mode robustness
  • Auto channel improvements
  • Fix empty packet capture file bug (only in some cases)

Release v1.1.1

November 18, 2015


Change log

NOTE:  Keeping configuration after a downgrade from 1.1.x to 1.0.x is not supported! If you need to downgrade, make sure to select "No" for the "Keep current settings after upgrade" option on the upgrade firmware dialog.

  • We've finished our upgrade to a more modern platform that has a newer Linux kernel, updated packages, and more improved stability
  • All products will now report hostname and ip address, even for bridge mode 

To view older downloads, please visit the Firmware Archive.

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