Firmware Downloads (HeliOS-W2R: Spark W2 Mini)

Firmware Downloads (HeliOS-W2R: Spark W2 Mini)

Supported models

The firmware on this page applies to the following Wi-Fi product models:
SP-W2M-AC1200-XXX (Spark Wave 2 Mini AC1200)
SP-W2M-AC1200-PoE-XXX (Spark Wave 2 Mini AC1200 w/PoE) 

Service Releases v2.3.3


2.3.3 Change Log
January 19, 2023
  1. Fix Ethernet status display incorrect in Local web UI issue

Known issues

  1. Configure Customized Hotspot logo might cause abnormal behavior: device unreachable and reset to default after firmware upgrade, configuration task failed and received config task failed
  2. For SP-W2M-AC1200-POE, traffic graph in Local Web GUI will display incorrectly.

Service Releases v2.3.1


2.3.1 Change Log
August 25, 2022
  1. Fix ETH1 LED does not display correct issue

  2. Fix ping watchdog does not work properly in certain interval issue

  3. Fix Proximity cannot work properly issue

  4. Support 5GHz channel 52-64

  5. Support 5GHz channel 100-144

  6. Support "Disable W52 Channel": If this option is checked, When AP detects radar signal, AP will not change channel to W52 channel(36-48)

Service Releases v2.3.0

2.3.0 Change Log
March 22, 2021
  • Add support mDNS discovery
  • Add support for wireless scheduler
  • Add option to hide SSID when WAN disconnected
  • Add support for AutoWDS
  • Add support multiple VLAN over PPPoE
  • Enhanced the Smart Isolation
  • Update JP country support channel list

Service Releases v2.2.0


<download temporarily removed>

2.2.0 Change Log
June 3, 2019
  • Fixed Cloud registration issues. 
  • Fixed Hotspot issues
  • Fixed VLAN 100 passthrough
  • Fixed ETH1 LED always on
  • Add VLAN tag option in Internet Settings
  • Add support mDNS discovery
  • Add Support for wireless scheduler
  • Add Option to hide SSID when WAN disconnected

Service Releases v2.1.x

Service Release v2.1.6

2.1.6 Change Log
Sept 27, 2018
  • Improved device (de)registration to/from cloud handling.
  • Fixed config apply races when configuring from cloud.
  • Increased number of allowed VLANs in GUI to 16.
  • Reviewed and updated client info caching methods.
  • Fixed interface state reporting in statistics.
  • Improved periodic task scheduling and execution.
  • Fixed memory leak when handling kernel events.
  • Fixed service watchdog process duplication.
  • Fixed wireless driver unload issues.
  • Fixed invalid connection state detection in STA mode.
  • Fixed stats collector lockups.
  • Update JP country support channel list

Service Release v2.1.5

<download removed, please use latest firmware>

2.1.5 Change Log
Sept 12, 2018
  • Updated probe request caching method

Service Release v2.1.3

<download removed, please use latest firmware>

2.1.3 Change Log
August 27, 2018
  • Fixed an issue where in rare cases, a troubleshooting file task initiated from the Cloud would cause the device to go offline.
  • Updated the channel list regulations for the TW country code.

Service Release v2.1.2

<download removed, please use latest firmware>

2.1.2 Change Log
August 17, 2018
  • Fixed ethernet ports link stated detection, causing incorrect LED states.
  • Fixed SSID configuration, causing intermediate "ghost" SSIDs on devices.
  • Updated clients counting and assoc time calculation.
  • Fixed client addresses learning on ethernet switch, causing parallel link disruptions.
  • Fixed unicode SSID configuration, causing radio down for longer SSIDs.
  • Fixed wireless statistics reporting.
  • Changed client probes push period to 15 seconds.

Known issues

  • Configuring VLANs 8, 9, 100 does not work.

Release v2.1.0

June 5, 2018


Change Log

  • Support added for the SP-W2M-AC1200-PoE model
  • Fixed SNMP config keys migration
  • Update channel utilization computation in multi SSID setups
  • Added RADIUS DAE support
  • Fixed hotspot startup without RADIUS server enabled
  • Fixed max clients limit configuration
  • Improved wireless driver logging
  • Removed AMPDU control from GUI
  • Fixed VLAN traffic passing through on the SP-W2M-PoE
  • Clean up sysupgrade persisting files list
  • Fixed ethernet link detection on SP-W2M-PoE
  • Fixed traffic charts data reporting
  • Fixed wireless statistics reporting in GUI
  • Update JP country support channel list

Known Issues

  • SP-W2M-PoE always reports ethernet port autoneg as being disabled in the local web GUI
  • There is high CPU usage in client mode

Service Releases v2.0.x

Service Release v2.0.3

2.0.3 Change Log
May 7, 2018
  • Added support for the new smart isolation "Strict internet access" option to both the LANs and hotspot configuration
  • Fixed miscellaneous GUI statistics
  • Fixed cloud statistics reporting
  • Fixed channel utilization statistics
  • Fixed firewall configuration races
  • Fixed some issues with secondary VAP configuration
  • Fixed clients connectivity issues using TKIP/CCMP cipher
  • Added RADIUS accounting interim interval setup
  • Fixed RADIUS accounting stop event packet counters
  • Various client mode connectivity fixes
  • Updates for the hotspot splash page
2.0.2 Change Log
April 8, 2018
  • Fixed client RSSI/SNR reporting

Known issues

  • MacBook connectivity issues.

Release v2.0.1

February 20, 2018


Change Log

Beta Release (v2.0.1-1270)
  • Various cloud statistics fixes.
  • Fixed remote TS fetching support.
  • Miscellaneous GUI configuration fixes.
  • Fixed probe request reported SSID as host VAP SSID.
  • Added probe request HTTPS server push support.
  • Fixed telnet startup configuration.
  • Fixed LEDs activity identification on WiFi interfaces.
  • Fixed an issue where sysupgrade caused partial config loss in some cases.
  • Reduced required MAC allocation to 5.
  • Updated TH country EIRP limits.
  • Updated TxPower limit tables.
  • Fixed N-mode reset after site survey.
  • Fixed various kernel warnings
  • TxPower control rework.
  • Fixed Client mode WPA2 Enterprise security.
  • Fixed invalid probe request SSID in "Client" mode.
  • Added UTC timestamp field into probe data.
  • Added VLANs configuration fixes.
  • Added Hotspot configuration fixes.
  • QoS and power saving configuration fixes.
  • Added Client isolation support.
  • Added Wireless ACL support.
  • Added Radius MAC ACL support.
  • Added OT country support.
  • Added Min client signal support.

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