How do I assign devices to the Cloud?

How do I assign devices to the Cloud?

Once you have created a site, you can assign devices to it.

1. Start from the CLOUD MENU
2. Select Devices

4. Choose the appropriate tab for the device type you plan on adding.
5. Select a site
6. Select the site inheritance policy if applicable.  This setting will determine if your device will inherit the site-level settings available for this product type or if it should be individually configured.

7. Enter the MAC, serial number, and give a name to your device
8. Click submit (not shown)

At this point your device will be in the "Pending Registration" state.  Once it calls in and completes registration, including sending up its running config, the registration state will change to "Registered" and a new config will be pushed down to it.

If you have auto firmware upgrade enabled, this task will be run first before an initial configuration is pushed down.

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