MeshLinq Firmware

MeshLinq Firmware

Supported Models

The firmware on this page applies to the following MeshLinq Models


Upgrade Alerts 

Please read the following message carefully before upgrading!
  1. Devices running firmware version older than 2.0.2-976 MUST be upgraded to the intermediate firmware version, 0.0.1-884, BEFORE upgrading to any of the versions below!

Version 2.3.2

March 10,2020


Release Notes

  1. New Feature: Support packet filter
  2. Fixed the MTU Issue
  3. Improve on the TRILL performance

Version 2.3 

December 20, 2018


Release Notes

  • New Feature: Added MTU and L2MTU control options
  • Bugfix: Default gateway not set in static IP mode

Version 2.2.1 Initial Release

October 31, 2018


Release Notes

  • New Feature: Cloud support added
  • Bugfix: Occasional missing LSPs (May cause MeshLinqs to become unreachable)
  • Bugfix: Interfaces inconsistent status with configuration
  • Known Issue: Bonded interface statistics not available on cloud

Intermediate Firmware (see above note)

0.0.1-884Intermediate firmware for devices running 2.0.2 ONLY (see above note)
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