MetroLinq 10G Omni Firmware

MetroLinq 10G Omni Firmware

Supported Models

The firmware on this page applies to the following MetroLinq models:


Version 2.4.2

May 11, 2020


Release Notes

  1. NOTE: Upgrade client units first
  2. Fix 2.4Ghz can not be disabled issue
  3. Fix TX power display for the sector error issue
  4. Fix memory leakage in speedtest
  5. Fix cannot access Radio setting page
  6. Fix SSID disappeared behavior when disabled Eth1
  7. Updated the 60 GHz TX power for Netherland
  8. Updated the 5GHz regulatory for Czech Republic
  9. Enhanced 5GHz link stability
  10. Enhanced the aiming mode stability
  11. Enhanced the PTP performance
  12. Enhanced the PtmP stability and performance
  13. Enhanced the SNMP MIB (For more information,please click here)
  14. Enhanced the DFS scanning.
  15. Enhanced the UI layout of the GUI,stations can link to corresponding device.
  16. Support simple protocol filter
  17. Support Trill (For Omni only)
  18. Support NAT mode for ML-LW/ One
  19. Support Radius login for the local GUI with the read/only and read/write permission (For more information, please refer this document)
  20. Known Issue : Aiming mode will display differently due to non-connection.

Version 2.4.1

November 20, 2019


Release Notes

  1. PtMP stability and performance improvement
  2. Half Channel support
  3. DBSC Support
  4. Additional 60ghz peer information. Beam Index, Distance and RSSI
  5. DHCP Relay
  6. Added QoS support
  7. TX Power in MCS 10-12 is auto-calibrated for best signal
  8. Fix: Disconnection issues
  9. Fix: VLAN Forwarding issue
  10. Fix 2.3.x CTS/RTS issues
  11. Fix: Unstable power in AP Mode
  12. Fix: L2 MTU adjustment
  13. Fix: Unable to pass Traffic. 
  14. Fix: Speed Test issues
  15. Fix: Linq Assist should now work properly. 
  16. Known Issue: Speed tests only work for uplink in PtMP mode
  17. Known Issue: 2.4.x has known compatibility issues with 2.3.x or earlier releases. 

Version 2.3.5

June 27, 2019


Release Notes

  1. NOTE: Upgrade clients first
  2. Fixed an issue where a wireless link isn't possible between ML1 and other ML units when the ML1 is used as the Master.

Version 2.3.4

June 19, 2019


<Download Removed>

Release Notes

  1. NOTE: Upgrade clients first
  2. Fixed Handshake bug introduced in 2.3.2

Version 2.3.2

May 30, 2019

<Download Removed>

Release Notes

  1. Improved: Point to Multi-Point Performance
  2. New Features: 802.1x EAP Authentication for WiFi access
  3. New Feature: SNMP OID to report SNR and S/N
  4. Bug Fix: Point to Multi-Point connection issues
  5. Bug Fix: SNMP Fixes
  6. Bug Fix: Wrong default L2MTU. L2MTU now has a default of 7192

Version 2.3.0

January 31, 2019


2.3.0-3059 (Final Release)

Release Notes

  • New Feature: Added 12 client support for 60GHz radio
  • New Feature: Added MCS12 support for 60GHz radio
  • New Feature: Added STP control
  • New Feature: Added Jumbo frame support for 5GHz radio (up to 7912)
  • New Feature: Added support for RSTP passthrough
  • New Feature: Added L2 and L3 MTU control options
  • New Feature: Added Broadcast disable for backup VAP
  • Improved: Added support for Somalia country code
  • Improved: recovery for 60GHz radio
  • Improved: RSSI (signal level) representation for 60GHz
  • Improved: traffic shaping ruleset
  • Improved: UI (added L2, L3 mtu to dashboard)
  • Improved: failover mechanism with high system load
  • Improved: Stats exchange interval
  • Improved: Updated multicast parameters on Metrolinq platforms
  • Fixed: data vlan usage on Omni platform
  • Fixed: Aiming mode on 60GHz radio
  • Fixed: TIPC random memory corruption
  • Fixed: minor UI bugs related to display
  • Fixed: RCU stalls
  • Fixed: Eth interface gets stuck if there is too much packet loss
  • Fixed: Eth port goes up/down 
  • Fixed: Station disconnects and cannot reconnect
  • Fixed: mDNS (GUI issues)
  • Fixed: interfaces not being added to bridge
  • Fixed: 60 GHz radio scan problem
  • Fixed: IGMP snooping
  • Fixed: missing stations list stats gathering
  • Fixed: SSID validation issue
  • Fixed: config restoration when management vlan is used

Version 2.2.0

August 28, 2018


Release Notes

  • New Feature: Added new management vlan control options
  • New Feature: built-in discovery option
  • New Feature: Added beamwidth control option with possibility to select between 10, 30, 60, 90, 120 beamwidth
  • New Feature: Added channel list selection option
  • New Feature: Added station mode with backup for ML-60-10G-360
  • New Feature: Added Metrolinq Peer List
  • New Feature: 5G station and ap backup modes
  • New Feature: mactelnet support
  • New Feature: Added remote peer stats
  • Improved: Improved UI and it’s usage
  • Improved: recovered RPS for ML2.5
  • Improved: Refactored usbwatchd utility
  • Improved: Peer bonding utility
  • Fixed: Traffic control for tagged traffic
  • Fixed: Increased performance for tagged traffic.
  • Fixed: CPU utilization stats
  • Fixed: Ethernet and SFP control for ML-60-LW
  • Fixed: Jumbo frame passthrough over ML-60-LW
  • Fixed: Network reconfiguration hang issue
  • Fixed: Site survey functionality for 60G radio
  • Fixed: EAPOL frames handling for ML-60-LW, ML-5-LW
  • Fixed: Missing macaddr migration for ML-5-LW
  • Known Issue: Aiming mode does not show accurate remote signal level
  • Known Issue: ML2.5-BF-18 and ML-60-LW reports lower signal level for 60G radio
  • Known Issue: PTMP 60G performance is low with bad 60G clients connected

Version 2.1.1

August 3, 2018


Release Notes

  • Fixed scan function on 60 GHz
  • Improved memory handling

Version 2.1.0

May 29, 2018


Release Notes:

  • Fixed: LACP, LLDP not working
  • Fixed: Buffer memory issue on 60 GHz
  • Fixed: UMAC timeout on 60 GHz
  • Improvement: DFS patterns and operation logic improvements
  • Improvement: Q-in-Q passthrough improvements
  • Improvement: Noise floor stats added into statistics
  • Improvement: 60GHz queue mechanism optimization (allows to reach higher max throughput)
  • Improvement: Improved speedtest utility
  • New Feature: Added traffic control
  • New Feature: Added 60 GHz scan function

Version 2.0.4

May 3, 2018


Release Notes

  • Added initial Cloud support and fixed some stats reporting issues.

Version 2.0.3

April 2, 2018


2.0.3-2045 - For devices running 2.0.1 or later

Release Notes

  • Fixed: DSCP priority would drop certain packets on 60GHz radio  
  • Fixed: Wan mac value not restored when using config backup
  • Fixed: Kernel panic in some scenarios when high pps is being sent
  • Fixed: 60GHz clients stats display on UI 
  • Fixed: 5GHz disconnects in some scenarios
  • Fixed: Link uptime statistics gathering for 5GHz 
  • Fixed: iw tool now can set properly allowed bands for 60GHz
  • Fixed: 60GHz radio RSN would cause stations disconnect in PTMP 
  • Fixed: Inaccurate traffic graph display on UI
  • Fixed: Discovery utility would not show device name  
  • Improvement: Add linkid info for troubleshooting file
  • Improvement: Added new scan functionality for 60G and updated 5GHz
  • Improvement: Updated 5GHz DFS patterns and operational logic
  • Improvement: 60GHz queue mechanism optimization (allows to reach higher max throughput)
  • Improvement: Updated regdb database (Malaysia, NZ, AU country code)
  • Improvement: Peerbonding configuration utility
  • Improvement: snmpd stats gathering
  • Improvement: Updated test/apply/revert functionality
  • Improvement: Updated DCS for 5GHz radio
  • Improvement: Increased default network backlog queue size (resolves packet drop)
  • Improvement: Increased UI Speed
  • Improvement: Updated stats gathering for 60GHz and 5GHz radios
  • New Feature: Added Speedtest utility for link capacity measurements
  • New Feature: Added data vlan for 5GHz radio  
  • New Feature: Added separate load balancing for 60GHz radio 

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