What happens if I mistakenly send a bad configuration to my devices?

What happens if I mistakenly send a bad configuration to my devices?

In the unfortunate event that you send settings to your devices that cause them to lose connectivity (such as disabling all of the ethernet ports, for example), the following will happen:
  1. Your device(s) will revert to their previous working configuration.
  2. The associated configuration task, found on the Activity page, will let you know that the config task failed and the devices reverted to the previous configuration.   
  3. An alert will be created to let you know that the configuration for the devices are "out of sync".  This means the configuration on the Cloud does not match the running configuration.
In order to fix an "out of sync" alert, you'll need to fix the configuration setting that is preventing the device from accessing the internet, and save the config again.
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