What happens when one of the Cloud controlled devices is reset to factory defaults?

What happens when one of the Cloud controlled devices is reset to factory defaults?

When a device is reset to factory defaults, it will attempt to re-register with your cloud. 

This creates a warning-level "re-registration alert", which requires a member of the cloud to login and choose what to do with your device's config.

The options for this include:
  • Use the device's cloud config:  Choose this option if your device lost its settings and you want to use the last known configuration from the cloud.

  • Use the device's running config.   This option will merge your device's current config with the applicable site-level config values, just as if you'd registered it for the first time.  Choose this option if you are resetting your device to factory defaults or if your device has somehow created an invalid cloud config which needs to be reset/cleared out. 

    Important note: All device-level overrides will be removed if you choose this option.

  • Block the device: Choose this option if you don't want the device to communicate with the cloud any longer.  You might choose this if you don't own the device anymore.

  • Nothing right now.  Just resolve the alert and handle the re-registration action later on.
You can also enable "auto re-registration" from your site's properties page to allow devices that are reset to defaults to automatically connect to the cloud and download their last known configuration.

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