Why was my device's configuration suspended? What does this mean?

Why was my device's configuration suspended? What does this mean?

Device configuration suspension means no configurations will be pushed to the device from the Cloud, and no configurations received by the device will be processed by the Cloud.

Your device's configuration may become suspended in two cases:
  1. Device was downgraded

    As of 2/1/2019, if you downgraded your Cloud-connected device to an older firmware without resetting to defaults,  your device's configuration will automatically be suspended.  The reason for this is because the device's configuration may contain keys or other values that aren't supported, or are incompatible with the older firmware version.  This situation could lead to system errors and undefined behavior. 

    Reset your device to defaults, and allow it to connect to the Cloud again via re-registration.

  2. A system error has occurred

    Sometimes (very rarely), a system error will occur when the Cloud doesn't understand how to process one or more keys in the configuration sent to it by the device.  


    A lot of the time, the system error can be cleared out by resetting your device to defaults, and choosing the "Use the device's running config" at re-registration.

    Note: This will clear out any 'bad' cloud-level config keys, but will also clear out any device-level overrides you may have created. 

    If that doesn't work, there isn’t much that can be done here except wait for the support and development teams to investigate the cause of the system error.  Once resolved, an email will be sent out to all cloud account owners and admins notifying them that the device’s config has been unsuspended.  

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