Firmware Downloads (HeliOS-W2: Spark W2, SunSpot W2)

            Supported models

            The firmware on this page applies to the following Wi-Fi product models:

            Spark W2 AC1200
            SunSpot W2 AC2600

            Release v2.1.6

            Service Release 2.1.6 Downloads

            <Download removed>

            Service Release 2.1.6 Change Log

            April 19, 2019
            • Fix random rebooting issue due to lack of associated client link list protection.
            • Update minimum DFS scan time to within 5600 - 5650 for JP regulatory region.
            • Prevent null channels from showing up in some freq. lists.

            Release v2.1.5

            Service Release 2.1.5 Downloads

            Service Release 2.1.5 Change Log

            Dec 13, 2018
            • Update the channel lists for the JP regulatory domain for 5GHz and also correct the TX power limits.
            • Add 2.4G max bandwidth 40MHz support for Indonesia
            • Fix smart isolation so that clients in different VAPs or radios can be isolated.
            • Fix a rare deadlock issue caused by adding or deleting authenticated clients
            • Resize the hotspot logo

            Service Release 2.1.4 Downloads

            Service Release 2.1.4 Change Log

            October 31, 2018
            • Improved linux memory management, eventually causing device OOMs.
            • Fixed RADIUS auth inconsistent configuration.
            • Fixed hostname validation in GUI.
            • Improved synchronization with the Cloud.

            Service Release 2.1.3 Downloads

            Service Release 2.1.3 Change Log

            Sept 27, 2018
            • Improved device (de)registration to/from cloud handling. 
            • Increase number of allowed VLANs in GUI to 16.
            • Fixed GUI statistics with 3G/LTE dongle as internet source.
            • Reviewed and updated client info caching methods.
            • Updated client probe caching method.
            • Improved periodic task scheduling and execution.
            • Fixed memory leak when handling kernel events.
            • Fixed service watchdog process duplication.
            • Fixed stats collector lockups.

            Service Release 2.1.2 Downloads

            <downloads removed, please use latest firmware>

            Service Release 2.1.2 Change Log

            August 24, 2018
            • Fixed firewall configuration races, causing an internet access problem with hotspot.
            • Fixed max SSID length retrieval, resulting in empty SSIDs in statistics in rare cases.
            • Improved invalid DAE configuration which could lead to VAP misconfiguration.
            • Fixed client Tx/Rx packet counters statistics.
            • Fixed max TxPower limits for SunSpot Wave 2.
            Known issues
            • Spark W2 OOM when idling.
            • Minimal client signal configuration does not work.

            Service Release 2.1.1 Downloads

            <downloads removed, please use latest firmware>

            Service Release 2.1.1 Change Log

            August 17, 2018
            • Extended auto channel selection algorithm channel ranges.
            • Updated auto channel selection configuration.
            • Fixed SSID control field validation for unicode SSIDs.
            • Updated interface state reporting for all interfaces.
            • Updated client probes push period to 15 seconds.
            Known issues
            • Spark W2 OOM when idling.
            • Minimal client signal configuration does not work.

            Final 2.1.0 Downloads

            <downloads removed, please use latest firmware>

            Final 2.1.0 Change Log

            July 27, 2018
            • Added mDNS discovery support.
            • Fixed ethernet speed configuration.
            • Add "strict" smart isolation option.
            • Add FS040U LTE dongle support.
            • Fixed mixed router/bridge scenarios passthrough traffic.
            • Add RADIUS DAE configuration support.
            • Fixed bandsteering and static ACL configuration conflict.
            • Updated Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia channel EIRPs.
            • Fixed probe request collect in "Client" mode.
            • Fixed Dynamic VLAN traffic tagging.
            • Add selective auto-channel configuration.
            • Fixed "RADIUS MAC Auth" clients authorization.
            • Fixed "Block multicast forwarding" configuration.
            • Add RADIUS NAS ID configuration.
            • Fixed RADIUS auth/acct backup configuration.
            • Update client mode security and IEEE mode statistics detection.
            • Device GUI IP addresses validation fixes.
            • Device GUI statistics reporting fixes.
            • Cloud statistics reporting improvements and fixes.

            Beta1 Downloads

            Beta1 Change Log

            June 1, 2018
            • Ethernet stats fixed for bridge mode
            • CPU usage computation fix
            • Fixed LED lockup on SunSpot W2
            • Fixed DHCP fallback IP setup on management VLAN interface
            • Fixed network firewall configuration race
            • Fixed per-SSID hotspot walled garden configuration
            • Fixed HTTP port configuration
            • Allowed firewall rules configuration for hotspot
            • Fixed hotspot file persistence issue for local captive portals
            • Fixed LED control on SunSpot W2
            • Added redirect URL to hostpot UAM query.
            • Fixed client ID information element in DHCP request
            • Fixed traffic charts data reporting
            • Fixed ethernet link loss after network reload on Spark W2
            • Fixed survey scan missing results on 5G radio
            • Fixed 20/40 MHz coexistence configuration
            • Updated regdb for Malaysia,Russia countries
            • Disabled WR channels for ETSI regdomain
            • Fixed wireless ACL configuration issues
            • Reduced memory consumption on Spark W2 and SunSpot W2
            • Replace DTIM interval to 3 by default
            • Fixed channel utilization overflow and reporting
            • Various SNMP statistics improvements
            • Added timestamp to client probe push data
            • Add DNS servers configuration for LAN zones

            Release v2.0.2


            Change Log

            Final Release (v2.0.2-2485)
            Release date: Dec 13, 2017
            • Improved lighttpd runtime configuration.
            • Fixed DHCP fallback IP configuration.
            • Performance and memory management improvements.
            • Fixed complex network interface configuration issues.
            • Improved survey scan results.
            • Fixed 20/40 channel width coexistence configuration.
            • Fixed client probe request reporting correct system MAC address.
            • Various SNMP statistics improvements.
            • Various GUI configuration and statistics improvements.
            Beta1 Release (v2.0.2-2387)
            Release date: Oct 18, 2017
            • Fixed wifi crashes with 40+ connected clients
            • Improved system memory management 
            • Client connectivity and link stability improvements.
            • Various improvements for regulatory/txpower control.
            • Fixed smart isolation configuration.
            • Miscellaneous statistics gathering fixes.
            • Fixed low throughput when using 11g mode fixes.
            • Added band-steering support.
            • Added more info to the troubleshooting file.
            • Fixed traffic shaping mixed directions configuration.
            • Added RADIUS interim update interval control.
            • Improved the Cloud agent
            • Patched KRACK vulnerabilities

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