Firmware Downloads (HeliOS-W2R: Spark W2 Mini)

            Supported models

            The firmware on this page applies to the following Wi-Fi product models:
            SP-W2M-AC1200-XXX (Spark Wave 2 Mini AC1200)
            SP-W2M-AC1200-PoE-XXX (Spark Wave 2 Mini AC1200 w/PoE) 

            Service Releases v2.2.0


            <download temporarily removed>

            2.2.0 Change Log
            June 3, 2019
            • Fixed Cloud registration issues. 
            • Fixed Hotspot issues
            • Fixed VLAN 100 passthrough
            • Fixed ETH1 LED always on
            • Add VLAN tag option in Internet Settings
            • Add support mDNS discovery
            • Add Support for wireless scheduler
            • Add Option to hide SSID when WAN disconnected

            Service Releases v2.1.x

            Service Release v2.1.6

            2.1.6 Change Log
            Sept 27, 2018
            • Improved device (de)registration to/from cloud handling.
            • Fixed config apply races when configuring from cloud.
            • Increased number of allowed VLANs in GUI to 16.
            • Reviewed and updated client info caching methods.
            • Fixed interface state reporting in statistics.
            • Improved periodic task scheduling and execution.
            • Fixed memory leak when handling kernel events.
            • Fixed service watchdog process duplication.
            • Fixed wireless driver unload issues.
            • Fixed invalid connection state detection in STA mode.
            • Fixed stats collector lockups.

            Service Release v2.1.5

            <download removed, please use latest firmware>

            2.1.5 Change Log
            Sept 12, 2018
            • Updated probe request caching method

            Service Release v2.1.3

            <download removed, please use latest firmware>

            2.1.3 Change Log
            August 27, 2018
            • Fixed an issue where in rare cases, a troubleshooting file task initiated from the Cloud would cause the device to go offline.
            • Updated the channel list regulations for the TW country code.

            Service Release v2.1.2

            <download removed, please use latest firmware>

            2.1.2 Change Log
            August 17, 2018
            • Fixed ethernet ports link stated detection, causing incorrect LED states.
            • Fixed SSID configuration, causing intermediate "ghost" SSIDs on devices.
            • Updated clients counting and assoc time calculation.
            • Fixed client addresses learning on ethernet switch, causing parallel link disruptions.
            • Fixed unicode SSID configuration, causing radio down for longer SSIDs.
            • Fixed wireless statistics reporting.
            • Changed client probes push period to 15 seconds.

            Known issues

            • Configuring VLANs 8, 9, 100 does not work.

            Release v2.1.0

            June 5, 2018


            Change Log

            • Support added for the SP-W2M-AC1200-PoE model
            • Fixed SNMP config keys migration
            • Update channel utilization computation in multi SSID setups
            • Added RADIUS DAE support
            • Fixed hotspot startup without RADIUS server enabled
            • Fixed max clients limit configuration
            • Improved wireless driver logging
            • Removed AMPDU control from GUI
            • Fixed VLAN traffic passing through on the SP-W2M-PoE
            • Clean up sysupgrade persisting files list
            • Fixed ethernet link detection on SP-W2M-PoE
            • Fixed traffic charts data reporting
            • Fixed wireless statistics reporting in GUI

            Known Issues

            • SP-W2M-PoE always reports ethernet port autoneg as being disabled in the local web GUI
            • There is high CPU usage in client mode

            Service Releases v2.0.x

            Service Release v2.0.3

            2.0.3 Change Log
            May 7, 2018
            • Added support for the new smart isolation "Strict internet access" option to both the LANs and hotspot configuration
            • Fixed miscellaneous GUI statistics
            • Fixed cloud statistics reporting
            • Fixed channel utilization statistics
            • Fixed firewall configuration races
            • Fixed some issues with secondary VAP configuration
            • Fixed clients connectivity issues using TKIP/CCMP cipher
            • Added RADIUS accounting interim interval setup
            • Fixed RADIUS accounting stop event packet counters
            • Various client mode connectivity fixes
            • Updates for the hotspot splash page
            2.0.2 Change Log
            April 8, 2018
            • Fixed client RSSI/SNR reporting

            Known issues

            • MacBook connectivity issues.

            Release v2.0.1

            February 20, 2018


            Change Log

            Beta Release (v2.0.1-1270)
            • Various cloud statistics fixes.
            • Fixed remote TS fetching support.
            • Miscellaneous GUI configuration fixes.
            • Fixed probe request reported SSID as host VAP SSID.
            • Added probe request HTTPS server push support.
            • Fixed telnet startup configuration.
            • Fixed LEDs activity identification on WiFi interfaces.
            • Fixed an issue where sysupgrade caused partial config loss in some cases.
            • Reduced required MAC allocation to 5.
            • Updated TH country EIRP limits.
            • Updated TxPower limit tables.
            • Fixed N-mode reset after site survey.
            • Fixed various kernel warnings
            • TxPower control rework.
            • Fixed Client mode WPA2 Enterprise security.
            • Fixed invalid probe request SSID in "Client" mode.
            • Added UTC timestamp field into probe data.
            • Added VLANs configuration fixes.
            • Added Hotspot configuration fixes.
            • QoS and power saving configuration fixes.
            • Added Client isolation support.
            • Added Wireless ACL support.
            • Added Radius MAC ACL support.
            • Added OT country support.
            • Added Min client signal support.

            Updated: 23 Aug 2019 01:53 AM
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