MetroLinq 2.5G 60 Firmware

            Supported Models

            The firmware on this page applies to the following MetroLinq models:

            Upgrade Alerts

            Please read the following message carefully before upgrading!
            • Devices running firmware versions starting with 2.0.0 MUST be upgraded to the intermediate firmware version, 2.0.0-1244, BEFORE upgrading to versions starting with 2.0.1!

            • Devices running 2.0.1 CANNOT be downgraded to 2.0.0! Upgrading directly from versions prior to 2.0.0-1244 (e.g. 2.0.0-821) to 2.0.1 or downgrading from 2.0.1 to 2.0.0 will result in a device failure that will require special steps to recover! Please contact if you have any questions!

            Version 2.3.1

            March 12, 2019


            Release Notes

            1. Improved: Throughput enhancement (2.3 + Gbps TCP/UDP end to end)
            2. Improved: Added support for additional logging  in /sys/fs/pstore
            3. Improved: Further watchdog improvements for 60 GHz radio auto recovery

            Version 2.3.0

            January 31, 2019


            Release Notes

            • New Feature: Added 12 client support for 60GHz radio
            • New Feature: Added MCS12 support for 60GHz radio
            • New Feature: Added STP control
            • New Feature: Added Jumbo frame support for 5GHz radio (up to 7912)
            • New Feature: Added support for RSTP passthrough
            • New Feature: Added L2 and L3 MTU control options
            • New Feature: Added Broadcast disable for backup VAP
            • Improved: Added support for Somalia country code
            • Improved: recovery for 60GHz radio
            • Improved: RSSI (signal level) representation for 60GHz
            • Improved: traffic shaping ruleset
            • Improved: UI (added L2, L3 mtu to dashboard)
            • Improved: failover mechanism with high system load
            • Improved: Stats exchange interval
            • Improved: Updated multicast parameters on Metrolinq platforms
            • Fixed: Aiming mode on 60GHz radio
            • Fixed: TIPC random memory corruption
            • Fixed: minor UI bugs related to display
            • Fixed: RCU stalls
            • Fixed: Eth interface gets stuck if there is too much packet loss
            • Fixed: Eth port goes up/down 
            • Fixed: Station disconnects and cannot reconnect
            • Fixed: mDNS (GUI issues)
            • Fixed: interfaces not being added to bridge
            • Fixed: 60 GHz radio scan problem
            • Fixed: IGMP snooping
            • Fixed: missing stations list stats gathering
            • Fixed: SSID validation issue
            • Fixed: config restoration when management vlan is used

            Version 2.2.0

            August 28, 2018


            Release Notes

            • New Feature: Added new management vlan control options
            • New Feature: built-in discovery option
            • New Feature: Added beamwidth control option with possibility to select between 10, 30, 60, 90, 120 beamwidth
            • New Feature: Added channel list selection option
            • New Feature: Added station mode with backup for ML-60-10G-360
            • New Feature: Added Metrolinq Peer List
            • New Feature: 5G station and ap backup modes
            • New Feature: mactelnet support
            • New Feature: Added remote peer stats
            • Improved: Improved UI and it’s usage
            • Improved: recovered RPS for ML2.5
            • Improved: Refactored usbwatchd utility
            • Improved: Peer bonding utility
            • Fixed: Traffic control for tagged traffic
            • Fixed: Increased performance for tagged traffic.
            • Fixed: CPU utilization stats
            • Fixed: Ethernet and SFP control for ML-60-LW
            • Fixed: Jumbo frame passthrough over ML-60-LW
            • Fixed: Network reconfiguration hang issue
            • Fixed: Site survey functionality for 60G radio
            • Fixed: EAPOL frames handling for ML-60-LW, ML-5-LW
            • Fixed: Missing macaddr migration for ML-5-LW
            • Known Issue: Aiming mode does not show accurate remote signal level
            • Known Issue: ML2.5-BF-18 and ML-60-LW reports lower signal level for 60G radio
            • Known Issue: PTMP 60G performance is low with bad 60G clients connected

            Version 2.1.1

            August 3, 2018


            Release Notes

            • Fixed scan function on 60 GHz
            • Improved memory handling

            Version 2.1.0

            May 29, 2018


            2.1.0-2227 -  For devices running 2.0.1 or later (see above note) 

            Release Notes:

            • Fixed: LACP, LLDP not working
            • Fixed: Buffer memory issue on 60 GHz
            • Fixed: UMAC timeout on 60 GHz
            • Improvement: DFS patterns and operation logic improvements
            • Improvement: Q-in-Q passthrough improvements
            • Improvement: Noise floor stats added into statistics
            • Improvement: 60GHz queue mechanism optimization (allows to reach higher max throughput)
            • Improvement: Improved speedtest utility
            • New Feature: Added traffic control
            • New Feature: Added 60 GHz scan function

            Version 2.0.3

            April 2, 2018


            2.0.3-2045 -  For devices running 2.0.1 or later (see above note) 

            Release Notes:

            • Fixed: DSCP priority would drop certain packets on 60GHz radio  
            • Fixed: Wan mac value not restored when using config backup
            • Fixed: Kernel panic in some scenarios when high pps is being sent
            • Fixed: 60GHz clients stats display on UI  
            • Fixed: 5GHz disconnects in some scenarios
            • Fixed: Link uptime statistics gathering for 5GHz  
            • Fixed: iw tool now can set properly allowed bands for 60GHz
            • Fixed: 60GHz radio RSN would cause stations disconnect in PTMP  
            • Fixed: Inaccurate traffic graph display on UI
            • Fixed: Discovery utility would not show device name  
            • Improvement: Add linkid info for troubleshooting file
            • Improvement: Added new scan functionality for 60G and updated 5GHz
            • Improvement: Updated 5GHz DFS patterns and operational logic
            • Improvement: 60GHz queue mechanism optimization (allows to reach higher max throughput)
            • Improvement: Updated regdb database (Malaysia, NZ, AU country code)
            • Improvement: Peerbonding configuration utility
            • Improvement: snmpd stats gathering
            • Improvement: Updated test/apply/revert functionality
            • Improvement: Updated DCS for 5GHz radio
            • Improvement: Increased default network backlog queue size (resolves packet drop)
            • Improvement: Increased UI Speed
            • Improvement: Updated stats gathering for 60GHz and 5GHz radios
            • New Feature: Added Speedtest utility for link capacity measurements
            • New Feature: Added data vlan for 5GHz radio  
            • New Feature: Added separate load balancing for 60GHz radio 

            Version 2.0.1

            January 25, 2018 


            2.0.1-1425 (beta) - For devices running 2.0.1 or later (see above note)

            Release Notes:

            • Fixed: Random STA disconnects when encryption enabled in PTMP
            • Fixed: Aiming mode signal level jumping
            • Fixed: Firmware upgrade causes configuration loss
            • Fixed: 5 GHz connectivity 
            • Fixed: Transmit and receive Bytes in dashboard are incorrect
            • Fixed: Discovery tool does not show model number
            • Fixed: SNMP daemon crashing
            • Fixed: Only root user account can be used
            • Fixed: Manual MCS rate not reported correctly in GUI in some scenarios
            • New Feature: Bluetooth aiming support added
            • Improvement: Various SNMP improvements

            Intermediate Firmware (see above note)

            2.0.0-1244: Intermediate firmware for devices running 2.0.0 ONLY (see above note)

            Updated: 12 Mar 2019 03:41 AM
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